Year: 2016

Workflow not starting (state field is empty) when Versions.AddVersion after Sitecore upgrade from 6.5 to 8.1

UPDATE: A ticket at Sitecore Helpdesk demonstrated the issue happened to be something else. During the upgrade, the site definition we’re using got the attribute “enableWorkflow” removed, which in turn made the default value “false” take over, and that was causing ALL

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Developers working in parallel with Continuous Integration builds for Dev and QA

When multiple developers are working in parallel (at the same build, but working in different parts) it is very common to use branches at source control, to keep each developer working in isolation and eliminating any chance that one developer’s

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Health Check builds with Continuous Integration - How big and how often these needs to be?

Background While refactoring the TFS and Continuous Integration struture of a couple projects, one thing toke my attention: Health Check builds were stealing most of the building times, which for me was representing long build queues to wait. The reason

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Automatic check-up of Sitecore Server Roles with Powershell

This week I had a boring demand of checking up a Sitecore installation against the Excel spreadsheet provided by Sitecore, to make sure all configs are enabled or disabled according to the Server Role. You can get cockeyed by doing this

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Less than a week to the Sitecore Symposium 2016 in New Orleans!

I’m totally excited for the days to come – starts next week the Sitecore Symposium and MVP Summit 2016, in New Orleans. Will be my first experience in an official Sitecore event. Great opportunity to in person meetings with representatives of Sitecore, another partners and

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Slowness with Custom Properties on .NET Security Provider

If you ever used the standard .NET Security Provider with Sitecore, you may love how easy it is to create and use Custom Profile Properties, where data can be easily saved at user profiles. But a huge issue can emerge if you attempt to retrieve users at

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Faster Sitecore for Development - All in a single include

Since Sitecore 8, load times after builds are getting slower due to the high usage of Speak at the new UI. There is a great post by Kam Figy that summarizes reasons and how to improve this performance. Tired of having to get

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SPEAK: ItemTreeView with multiple Roots

I’ve being studying SPEAK recently for a module I’m building, and it’s being a lot of fun so far. Of course, when learning anything that imposes a different paradigm, it’s common to get stuck with “simple” things that, in another programming realities, are

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