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First time I got in contact to Sitecore was in 2011 in a job interview to Nonlinear Creations.

At that time I was already familiar to the CMS concepts, as well as some softwares such as Joomla and WordPress. Some time before I had the chance to build a couple of custom CMS projects from scratch, so I knew how custom development and content management can get messy, especially when you try to adapt your needs to the platform limitations.

In that sense Sitecore caught specially my confidence not only as a CMS, but as a software platform where virtually anything can be managed and served online, to an broad audience, using any kind of device. Today the platform is aggregating so many features that exceeds the bounds of a traditional CMS, transforming it in a complete Experience Platform.

Sitecore has also a great community, lot of info online in English. In the other hand, it’s not easy to find information in Portuguese. For this reason I do my best to post in both languages, seeking to provide my contribution to a broader crowd.

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