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Custom rule condition to find Top-N Profile Key

Here we are for another simple yet useful tip from the Smart Bookshelf Demo. Although we are now improving it with some Artificial Intelligence, the first version has Sitecore Rules-based Personalization in the hearth of the recommendation mechanism. Our desired behavior is to light-up LED strips

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Programmatically "Visit" a page (and all xDB-related)

Yesterday during my presentation at the SUG-Quebec (check video here), my host and good friend Jeff L’Heureux asked if I could share the multiple challenges involved in the Smart Bookshelf for Sitecore Demo. In response to that, I’m putting together a number

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Index Searching - Find-Item using custom fields with Sitecore Powershell

UPDATE: Michael West likes this solution and confirmed that it will be part of the next release of SPE (6.0), becoming my first contribution to SPE! Here is the ticket where this implementation is being tracked. If you are a big fan of Sitecore

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Part 2 - XConnect Avatar Facet breaking Experience Profile (Follow Up)

If you read my last post – or if you just passing by got interested in the subject, here are a few follow-ups: When you create your custom Facet to store the bigger version of the image, make sure to decorate it with

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XConnect Avatar Facet breaking Experience Profile

During the last Sitecore Hackathon, I’ve been through a very strange and annoying issue with my Contacts, while developing our Face Login module. This happens in Sitecore 9.1, but previous versions should also be affected. When the issue starts, your Experience

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Powershell script to find TDS files with length error

Powershell script to find TDS files with lenght error

A very well described problem with TDS is the File Name length error. This article from Hedgehog brings everything you need to know about the issue itself, and how to work it out. The solution is to use the “Alias” TDS feature to cut

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Custom Reset Layout in Content and Experience Editor Modes


Recently I had to customize the code that triggers when a Reset Layout is executed. If you ever had to attach any code to it, this post is for you! You know, that sympathetic prompt: The first thing you need to know is that

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Sitecore 9 Update 1 - Bug saving Shared Layout in Experience Editor


A few weeks ago, while upgrading one of at Nish Tech’s early-stages projects into Sitecore 9 Update 1, a very strange behavior when you try to do a very simple task: edit a Shared Layout of a page in Experience

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Rodrigo Peplau Wins Sitecore “Most Valuable Professional” Award

Elite distinction awarded for exceptional contributions to the Sitecore ecosystem

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Still have 'ERROR SCRIPTDOM NEEDED FOR SQL PROVIDER' when installing Sitecore 9?


My friend Daniel Govier was having the following error when installing Sitecore 9 Update 1 using XP0:


Following the traditional path of any Sitecore developer, we googled that error and ended up in this blog article from Naveed Ahmad. Problem is that Daniel had already followed his article and installed SQL Server Data-Tier Application Framework, Transact-SQL ScriptDom, and the System CLR Types.

But just like Naveed, that doesn’t work, but we found a different solution instead of modifying Windows Registry.

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