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Developers working in parallel with Continuous Integration builds for Dev and QA

When multiple developers are working in parallel (at the same build, but working in different parts) it is very common to use branches at source control, to keep each developer working in isolation and eliminating any chance that one developer’s

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Avoiding IIS Restarts in a separated code environment, now with Sitecore Rocks

This post is to bring some recent experiences from my last projects, as a continuation of my post “Avoiding IIS restarts with Robocopy in a Post Build event“. At that time I was proposing a post-building event triggering robocopy, which did the trick for that particular

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Advanced display of SVG Images in Sitecore

SVG Images are basically vector images (coordinates, objects and properties) with data that can be manipulated with CSS styling – check out this article for details on how that works. In short, to take advantage of CSS styling over SVG files, you must throw the XML

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Best way to setup Active Directory Module in a Sitecore Solution

Connecting Sitecore with an LDAP Server is pretty easy with Sitecore’s Active Directory Module. Setting up the module is not hard, but if you follow the official documentation you’ll end up updating a lot of your Web.config file, which may be a problem for

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How would you do it: 2 levels menu

One of our clients has a development team that will take over the project as soon as we finish our part. They have great developers with no Sitecore experience, and some of their questions are pretty valuable for those starting in the

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