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Developers working in parallel with Continuous Integration builds for Dev and QA

When multiple developers are working in parallel (at the same build, but working in different parts) it is very common to use branches at source control, to keep each developer working in isolation and eliminating any chance that one developer’s

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Health Check builds with Continuous Integration - How big and how often these needs to be?

Background While refactoring the TFS and Continuous Integration struture of a couple projects, one thing toke my attention: Health Check builds were stealing most of the building times, which for me was representing long build queues to wait. The reason

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Sitecore 7.5 and MongoDB through different environments

Jan Löwgren, another Sitecore Consultant, in response to my post “Sitecore Environments for Dev, QA, UAT and Production” said It would be interesting to elaborate on how to handle MongoDB though different environments. In the project I am currently working the team was

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Sitecore Environments for Dev, QA, UAT and Production

Background Some time ago I found this Stack Overflow question discussing multiple aspects of serving a Sitecore solution during different phases of a project life cycle. The question was pretty old but still the only answer was not as good as I know

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