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Custom Reset Layout in Content and Experience Editor Modes


Recently I had to customize the code that triggers when a Reset Layout is executed. If you ever had to attach any code to it, this post is for you! You know, that sympathetic prompt: The first thing you need to know is that

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Prevent orphan components in Experience Editor when deleting composed components


If an editor deletes a component in Experience Editor and that component has inner components, only the outer component will be actually deleted from the page rendering. Inner components will not show anymore (and often Content Editors will be happy), so

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Language specific MediaProvider breaking icons at Media Library

UPDATE: Kamruz Jaman has contributed with a comment for a simpler, less intrusive and more generalist solution:  Inside the GetMediaUrl method of your custom MediaProvider, check for the “Thumbnail” property of your MediaUrlOptions parameter. If it is true, make your code fall

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Slowness with Custom Properties on .NET Security Provider

If you ever used the standard .NET Security Provider with Sitecore, you may love how easy it is to create and use Custom Profile Properties, where data can be easily saved at user profiles. But a huge issue can emerge if you attempt to retrieve users at

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Faster Sitecore for Development - All in a single include

Since Sitecore 8, load times after builds are getting slower due to the high usage of Speak at the new UI. There is a great post by Kam Figy that summarizes reasons and how to improve this performance. Tired of having to get

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SPEAK: ItemTreeView with multiple Roots

I’ve being studying SPEAK recently for a module I’m building, and it’s being a lot of fun so far. Of course, when learning anything that imposes a different paradigm, it’s common to get stuck with “simple” things that, in another programming realities, are

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Using Rules to replace spaces by dashes in Sitecore 7.5 in 3 simple steps

In this article I show how to use rules to rename items so, every time an item is saved, spaces gets replaced by dashes. Advantage of using rules is that you can visually setup different kind of conditions, without having to hardcode

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Visual Studio Solution at Sitecore Projects - Avoiding IIS restarts with Robocopy in a Post Build event

As very well described by Sean Kearney at this great post, there are two ways to setup a Sitecore solution on Visual Studio for development: 1) Your solution, and code, is fully immersed in the Sitecore web site; 2) Your solution, and code,

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Best way to setup Active Directory Module in a Sitecore Solution

Connecting Sitecore with an LDAP Server is pretty easy with Sitecore’s Active Directory Module. Setting up the module is not hard, but if you follow the official documentation you’ll end up updating a lot of your Web.config file, which may be a problem for

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How would you do it: 2 levels menu

One of our clients has a development team that will take over the project as soon as we finish our part. They have great developers with no Sitecore experience, and some of their questions are pretty valuable for those starting in the

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