Faster Sitecore for Development - All in a single include

Since Sitecore 8, load times after builds are getting slower due to the high usage of Speak at the new UI. There is a great post by Kam Figy that summarizes reasons and how to improve this performance.

Tired of having to get back to his article repeating the steps for all my project, I decided to isolate everything in a single Include. There are three options to improve speed, and the patch authomatically covers 2 of them:

  1. Disable SPEAK Precompilation – Covered!
  2. Optimize Compilation – Requires manual change at the Web.config (Check the patch file for instructions)
  3. Disable the SPEAK Experience Editor – Covered!

Please make sure you read the whole article and you’re aware of the impacts.

When you unzip this file will see the patch is inside a folder “XFaster”. Place this folder, and not the include alone, inside the Include folder. It has to be there due to a conflicting setting at “/Include/ContentTesting/Sitecore.ContentTesting.config” that would overwrite our settings.

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