WikiDX - Import from MediaWiki using Data Exchange Framework


WikiDX is a Sitecore module that allows you to import content from any MediaWiki powered website right into your sitecore item. One can think of Wikipedia as an obvious source but there are many other MediaWiki websites. It depends on Sitecore Data Exchange Framework

Hackathon Category

WikiDX module disputed the Sitecore Hackathon 2017 into the Data Exchange Framework category. It implements a provider for MediaWiki content importation into Sitecore.

Team Go Horse was declared the champion of 2017 in that category.


Install Required

Modules WikiDX is a sitecore module that works on top of the Sitecore’s Data Exchange Framework, therefore it’s required that, before installing WikiDX, you install: • Data Exchange Framework 1.3.0 rev. 170210 • Sitecore Provider for Data Exchange Framework 1.3.0 rev. 170210


Click here to visit the MarketPlace page and download the module.

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