A Helix/TDS Sitecore Solution you can use

So that finally happened (sorry for the delay!): source code for the Helix/TDS solution presented at the two Sitecore Usergroups – Brazil (watch video) and Cincinnati – is available for everyone to be used.

  • A Helix-Compliant solution, not based in a Habitat but with various “inspirations” (stealing) from there
  • TDS is used to both serialization and publishing to the Website folder
  • The “Foundation” Layer is renamed to “Basis” for alphabetic sorting purposes
  • Runs in Sitecore 8.2 update 3 – but can be easily updated to Sitecore 9 IR
  • Fresh installed with SIM and populated with Visual Studio+TDS thru Solution Deploy command

To access the code check this Git repository:

Feel free to contribute the way you want!

Publicado em Helix, SUG

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