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Custom Reset Layout in Content and Experience Editor Modes


Recently I had to customize the code that triggers when a Reset Layout is executed. If you ever had to attach any code to it, this post is for you! You know, that sympathetic prompt: The first thing you need to know is that

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Sitecore 9 Update 1 – Bug saving Shared Layout in Experience Editor


A few weeks ago, while upgrading one of at Nish Tech’s early-stages projects into Sitecore 9 Update 1, a very strange behavior when you try to do a very simple task: edit a Shared Layout of a page in Experience

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Site-specific RichText Editor Profiles – custom Source in native RichText fields

Site-specific RichText Editor Profiles - custom Source in native RichText fields

Everybody knows how to select different Editor Profiles using the Source property in a Rich Text field. Out of the box, you can only pass a hardcoded path to the Editor Profile, making the template totally linked to one and only one Profile. Hardcoded??? But what if we

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Prevent orphan components in Experience Editor when deleting composed components


If an editor deletes a component in Experience Editor and that component has inner components, only the outer component will be actually deleted from the page rendering. Inner components will not show anymore (and often Content Editors will be happy), so

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Exibição avançada de imagens SVG com Sitecore

Imagens SVG são basicamente vetores (coordenadas, objetos e propriedades) cuja aparência pode ser manipulada com CSS – confira este artigo para mais detalhes sobre como isso funciona. Resumidamente: para poder estilizar imagens de arquivos SVG com CSS, você precisa jogar o

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